Butt Kicking

Today is day 2 of staying home with a feverish sick baby. After last night, my butt is officially kicked. She slept for about three hours. And that three hours was sandwiched between hours of crying.

And the crying was because she was hungry but she couldn’t nurse. I kept trying and trying but she couldn’t breathe through her stuffed nose.

We have the humidifier running constantly at night. I don’t know that it actually works anymore.

So I tried saline drops and the snot sucker. No dice. I tried more drops and the Nose Frida. No dice. I need 8 eight hands to use that thing. She’s strong enough to push mine away.

Scream, cry, cry. Repeat.

I rocked and rocked. Tried to half-swaddle her (just her arms). This usually works when she’s upset but she was also hungry. And I couldn’t feed her. She won’t take a bottle from me. I tried that the night before last.

So we rocked. She cried. Her nose finally cleared enough for her to nurse back to sleep. And three hours later, she woke up feverish.

More Motrin. More saline drops. More snot sucker and Nose Frida. Angry baby. Rock rock rock.

Then The Mister came in with his magical baby dust, made her a bottle, and she went back to sleep.

Momma out.