Packing for the hospital

At almost 39 weeks, we are well aware that Peanut could arrive any day now. The car seat base was just installed in my car last week. The hospital bag’s been packed for a few weeks now but also just made it into the car last week.

Since this is my first go-round, I checked out numerous online lists and consulted friends about what to pack. Here’s what I ended up packing:

1. Clothes for the baby to come home in – admittedly, I think I have a few outfits packed. I imagine we’ll have a couple of days in the hospital so maybe my overpacking will be a plus.

2. Clothes for me to come home in – comfy, low-riding pj pants just in case a C-section is necessary, nursing tank and a cardigan/wrap.

3. Flip flops – for the shower and to go home in.

4. Toiletries – at some point, I hope a shower will happen before we come home.

5. Snacks – for that waiting period even though the hospital cafeteria will be at my disposal.

6. Receiving blankets – to wrap up Peanut before tucking into the car seat.

7. Lip balm – this suggestion came from other recently labored moms at the same hospital we’ll be at. Apparently the hospital-provided lip balm is crap.

8. Extra iPhone charger – I would hate to see my phone die just when I want to snap a photo of our new babe.