Months 3 & 4

Now that little miss is rounding the corner on her fifth month, maybe I should sum up her last two months, hmmmm?

My only excuse for the lack of blogging these days is this cutie pie:

Around month 3, we sort of fell into a routine. She sort of started napping but still in only 30-40 minute increments unless I wore her in the Ergo or we were driving a long distance.

Around this time too Maddy started sleeping in more regular chunks at night. Everything I’ve read about infant sleep is so contradictory. She is breastfed so she will wake up more often during the night but being breastfed doesn’t mean every infant wakes during the night. Some infants sleep for 8-9 hours from the get go and some just continue to wake up during the night till they outgrow it. Unless the wakeups start to interfere with my ability to function coherently during the day while teaching, I’ll continue to wake up with her. Even though she’s pretty much still asleep, it’s our time.

Little miss also started playing more and smiling a ton. Her little personality really started to emerge. She’s still a fish in water and still hates her car seat.

Little miss is now what we call “long and lean” at 25.25 inches tall and 13 pounds at month 4. This has been her busiest month of her little life. She’s learned to roll over and over and over and can do it so quickly now. Just in the last week she’s been up on her knees and hands often. I fear crawling is just around the corner!

She also traveled to California once again. This time the flight down did not go as smoothly but since we only flew one way I didn’t sweat it too much. We drove back home with The Mister. She alternated crying and sleeping the entire time. Thankfully, sleeping ate up most of her time spent in the car.


Like I said, little miss loves her baths and being in the pool at grandma’s was like a giant bathtub – temperature and all! She kicked and kicked her way around the pool – she just loved it. I can’t wait to start swim lessons with her next year!