Baking Math

It’s been a weekend of experimentation.

The Mister’s birthday is today. And he loves German chocolate cake. More specifically, he loves my sister-in-law’s German chocolate cake. Since she lives 1000 miles down in CA, we had a problem.

Fortunately, I knew which cake recipe she uses (or used to – I don’t know if that’s changed). It’s straight off the Hershey’s cocoa powder tin. I love that it’s a chocolate cake and not a true German chocolate cake because German chocolate cake never tastes chocolatey-enough for me.

But the frosting. I didn’t know her recipe for the frosting. But lucky for me she shared her grandma’s recipe.

Here’s where the math comes in. The Mister emphatically told me more than once he didn’t want a whole cake. Because then, you know, we’d eat the whole darn thing. He said cupcakes would be best. So I took both recipes, cake and frosting, and divided by the lowest common denominator. That turned out to be 4. Which still made about 8-ish cupcakes. And more than enough frosting.

Here’s where I should show you a picture of the finished cupcakes with their coconutty pecan-filled toppings.


Yah. They’re gone. All gone. And I’m told they were delicious.