Baking Math

It’s been a weekend of experimentation.

The Mister’s birthday is today. And he loves German chocolate cake. More specifically, he loves my sister-in-law’s German chocolate cake. Since she lives 1000 miles down in CA, we had a problem.

Fortunately, I knew which cake recipe she uses (or used to – I don’t know if that’s changed). It’s straight off the Hershey’s cocoa powder tin. I love that it’s a chocolate cake and not a true German chocolate cake because German chocolate cake never tastes chocolatey-enough for me.

But the frosting. I didn’t know her recipe for the frosting. But lucky for me she shared her grandma’s recipe.

Here’s where the math comes in. The Mister emphatically told me more than once he didn’t want a whole cake. Because then, you know, we’d eat the whole darn thing. He said cupcakes would be best. So I took both recipes, cake and frosting, and divided by the lowest common denominator. That turned out to be 4. Which still made about 8-ish cupcakes. And more than enough frosting.

Here’s where I should show you a picture of the finished cupcakes with their coconutty pecan-filled toppings.


Yah. They’re gone. All gone. And I’m told they were delicious.

What’s up?

1) Major sleeping issues with the little miss. I am is seriously sleep-deprived.

2) so many visitors this summer! It’s been fantastic seeing our friends and family this year.

3) I opened up my etsy shop. It’s small right now but I’m slowly adding more each week.

4) we are gearing for our annual trip down to Hades aka the Central Valley. We plan to spend most of our time in the pool.

What’s up with you? Anything exciting happening mid-summer?

Bath time Thoughts

As I watch my baby girl kick her feet in the water, splashing me in the face as well as herself, I wonder what she’ll be like in five years. Ten. Twenty.

Will she try all the veggies we put in front of her?

Will she only eat pasta and cheese?

Will she have light hair as I suspect?

Will she climb our fruit trees with reckless abandon?

Will she hate us for being an only child?

Will she love to swim?

Will she grow up to love her state of Washington or itch to leave as soon as she graduates high school? (Go class of ’32!)

One thing I don’t wonder is whether or not she’ll know she’s loved. Because she will. Every single day.

Mish Mosh of Random

Time really does fly when you have kids.
Cliche but true.
Little miss is almost four months old and I haven’t even done her three month wrap up OR picture.

::shaking my head::

I haven’t just been busy with the kiddo either. But she adds a whole ‘nother layer of busy to everything else I do around here. An unpredictable layer.

For example, she’s taking a very long nap today. Long for her. Long ever. Almost two and a half hours. But I wouldn’t know she’d sleep so long and so can’t plan for this blessed amount of time to get things done. Because typically she cat naps for 30 minutes at a time. So I usually run around the house as fast as I can throwing laundry in, folding, taking a shower (maybe), doing dishes (quietly), and/or making up the bed.  Today, she catnapped around 9am and then fell asleep on me around 10:30. Here we are, two + hours later…

So I thought I’d take advantage and write a bit since the laundry is just about caught up, the kitchen is clean and the trailer is set up for our next set of visitors.

Happy summer time everyone! Our “heatwave” isn’t nearly as bad as our neighbors to the east (specifically Seattle/Tacoma) but it’s been pretty warm.  Hopefully, we’ll be back to our normal 60ish degrees by the time September rolls around.

We go back to school officially the Wednesday after Labor Day but we have a few days of inservice the week before our first day. I’ve been sketching out physical changes I want to make to my classroom as well as curricular ones.

I have things to paint and rearrange in there. Files to empty and set back up again. Boxes to be packed and cleaning to be done. My notebook to set up. The Mister and I are shooting for next week to get both our rooms in order. We’ll pass the baby back and forth. I may even have one of The Mister’s former students come in for a bit to watch her while one or both of us work.

I’m not really ready to go back to work. Well, I am but I’m not. I’m looking forward to focusing just on my Alternative kids this year. I’m looking forward to only working three days a week. But I’m not looking forward to little miss being in daycare. At least she’ll be with us more than she’s in care. And she will have a little friend who’s six months older than her there too.

I just have a feeling the first day is going to be tough. Like tears tough. For all of us.

But we’ll get through it. I’m not the first working mom ever to leave her child with strangers. And our daycare has come highly recommended by many people. So that’s reassuring.

So what else didn’t you want to know about my thoughts on leaving my baby in daycare??


I’ve also been researching and cooking more vegan and vegetarian meals these days. Little miss seems to have an aversion to dairy and beans and I’ve been avoiding meat. That makes for some interesting meals. Lots of veggies, some eggs, and a protein shake supplement just to be sure I’m getting enough protein while I’m still breastfeeding.

I do feel lighter eating so many veggies. My stomach, while no where near the flatness it was 10 years ago, feels flatter without dairy. I still have lots of work to do on tightening up the muscles but it’s good to not be working against the bloat of processed foods.

I really like Happy Herbivore and Bold Vegan recipes. Also, Post Punk Kitchen has some fun recipes as well. But like I said, it’s really interesting trying to find recipes that don’t use lentils or beans. Hopefully once little miss starts eating solids, I’ll be able to at least add those things back into my diet. I’ll have a much wider recipe base to choose from.

Have you ever cut out dairy or meat before? What happened?