So crafty

We created this person, my husband and I.


It may have taken the assistance of seven other people but she grew inside me. For almost 40 weeks. Every kick and punch I felt from week 16 on I imagine looked something like this:


She looks so different in person than in pictures in my opinion. She’s tiny, just back up to her birth weight as of yesterday. She’s strong though. She lifts her head and stands in our laps as much as possible. She eats as much as possible. She hates getting her diaper changed. But she loves baths.

She’s absolutely perfect. From her strawberry blond eyebrows to her little skinny legs (don’t worry baby girl, we’re working on filling those out). She’s my little snuggle bug.



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2 Comments on “So crafty

  1. Kim, so very happy for you!! There is nothing quite like a baby, so precious and brand new and just perfect and sweet. I am thrilled for all three of you. And I love her name :)

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