We’re In for It

A long cold winter that is.  The temps have dipped into the teens and 20s the last couple of weeks, making our “high” for the day barely hitting 30.  With temps like that, you’d think we’d be buried in snow up here.

No.  We’re not.  The entire Midwest and East Coast is being covered in snow while the Peninsula remains bare.  Most Washingtonians are probably rejoicing.  But I’m not.  Darn it, I moved from California… I want some snow!

Oh well.  Maybe in February. (According to The Mister’s farmer’s almanac, we’re supposed to be slammed with snow.  We’ll see.)

In other news, Christmas is just around the corner and it feels like we just had Thanksgiving.  Oh that’s right, we did just have Thanksgiving.  Because it fell so late this year, my birthday was the same weekend.  So I was able to celebrate with family this year.  And that was a good thing because I was not feeling my birthday at all.  I used to love my birthday. I’d announce it months in advance. I’d count down the days. But now, at 36, I’m on the downhill slide to 40.  I’m not dreading the big 4-0 per se, I’m just not that excited about it.  Yet.  Maybe once the little one comes along, I’ll be more excited.  But then, I’ll be 40 with a toddler.

Speaking of the little one, I have one and half weeks to go and then I’m in the third trimester! Where did the time go?  I feel especially blessed because we found out at 4 weeks so we’ve had an inordinate amount of extra time to enjoy being pregnant.  I feel like the weeks have passed slowly (especially in the beginning when I couldn’t wait to have a belly that wasn’t fertility-drug enhanced) but now all of a sudden, the third trimester is upon us. The baby is a wiggle-monster and moves constantly.  The action is amping up daily and now The Mister can feel the jabs and rolls.  I feel so much better.  I didn’t want to be the only one to feel the craziness happening in my belly. It was like until he could feel the baby moving, I was making it all up in my head.

Speaking of that, I’m told that as wiggly as the baby is in-utero, they’re just as wiggly afterwards.  If so, we are definitely in for it.

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