High Five for Friday

Wow.  I really need to utilize post scheduling so my blog doesn’t look so barren all the time.  I tell you, working eats up my blogging time these days.

Oh well.  Onward and upward, right??  Happy Friday!

1. The frigid winter weather is HERE!  I’ve driven to work this week in mid-20 degree temps.  It is frigidly cold! But no snow for us yet.  While the cold front is here on the Peninsula, we have abundant sunshine as well and no precipitation in the forecast whatsoever.  Bummer!  I really want it to snow soon.  We had zero snow days last year, just one snow delay of 2 hours.  I have a feeling we’re going to have a really big storm soon though.


2. Knitting is at the forefront of my “leisure” time these days because Christmas is right around the corner.  Like a silly goose, I committed myself to a few knitted gifts and would like to have them done done done.  And soon!

3. But the rest of our Christmas shopping is finished!  I’m very happy to say that The Mister is an excellent gift-thinker-upper and we were able to complete our shopping this last week.  Thank you online shopping! Now we just need to get a few of those things shipped since we’re flying down to California this year.

4. I am wearing several layers today and couldn’t be happier.  I love to layer my clothes.  And this works out well since I don’t have many warmish maternity tops to wear.  So I layer tees over tanks and a cardigan over the whole thing and wrap my neck in a scarf.  That’s my favorite go-to outfit formula.  Plus warm socks.  And pants, obviously. No one wants to see a pregnant lady pants-less.

20131122-094944.jpg23 weeks along now!


5. Our local library also checks out e-books and I love it.  I love checking out a book I know I’ll read exactly once rather than forking out $13 or more.  I’m currently reading Patricia Cornwell’s newest, Dust (but if you want to buy it, I linked it up for you.) My queue is full of other goodies that I’m forcing myself to read in the coming months.  I rarely have time to read during the school year but I find that I need to in order to have downtime.  Sometimes just a quick 20 minutes at lunch makes my day that much better.

Have a lovely Friday, lovelies!

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