Only 20 weeks to go at this point in the pregnancy.


Taking that first pregnancy test at 3 1/2 weeks (I know I know) changed everything.  For one, it made the first trimester that much longer.  But we would’ve found out within a few days anyway via blood test.  But then I wouldn’t have had several days worth of tests, each darker than the last, and I might have given into the nurse’s negativity when she said I needed to prepare for a chemical pregnancy because my first blood draw numbers were low.

They weren’t that low.

And I still maintain the baby (embryo at the time) implanted a little later than “normal” so my hormone levels weren’t up to snuff just yet.  A second blood draw produced doubled numbers (what they wanted to see), still low but doubled.  “Slow cooker” I believe is what The Mister said at the time.

Baby M has caught up in no time.  They are on track in terms of measurements and weight (in fact, maybe a little bit ahead depending upon what book is referenced) but my due date hasn’t changed.  We’re still a go for March 20.

That’s just around the corner! Five months away is my due date but I think the end of February, beginning of March would be full term.  

That’s only 4 months away.

So much to do!

Instead of panicking, I’m going to reminisce about the first trimester:

Happy that I didn’t need a prescription med to keep my food down

Grateful I had/have my BFF and SIL to bounce questions off whenever

Loved the early ultrasounds

Loved hearing the heartbeat for the first time

Enjoyed napping for the first time in my adult life

Loved that I “popped” pretty early and stepped into maternity pants willingly

Grateful the sciatic pain didn’t last too long

Amazed by human biology every day

More amazed by miracles


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One Comment on “Halfway

  1. Love it! I hit 24 weeks on Friday and it really is a miracle what our bodies are creating. I am starting to feel really nervous, but I think once the nursery is put together I’ll feel better.

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