High Five for Friday

I am SO glad it is Friday.  It’s been a long, tiring week.  I’m still getting over this cold/sinus infection and it’s just wearing me down.  I’m hoping to sleep and nap this weekend.

Enough of the whining! Let’s high five Friday, shall we?

1. 20131025-083350.jpgThis piece of loveliness arrived yesterday.  It looks odd, I know.  I contemplated several different styles of body pillows but decided I needed one that I didn’t have to move in the night.  I tend to roll to my back several times during the night and because of Peanut, I’m not supposed to sleep on my back.  Having the U-shape helps keep me at an angle should I roll to my back. Last night was the initial test run and it went well.  I did have to uncurl my arm from underneath in order to roll to my other side.  And The Mister says I whacked him a couple of times.  It’ll take some adjusting.  :)

2. We had an ultrasound on Wednesday, first one in at least 8 weeks.  Peanut looks human! Everything looks good and healthy.  Baby is weighing in at 9 ounces right now.  21 more weeks to go! Crazy to think the baby has 6-8 more pounds to gain by the end. I’m considered “high risk” because of my age but that’s it.  I passed my first glucose test and my blood pressure is still within normal range.  So far so good!

3. I’ve been knitting a teeny bit this week.  Actually, I crocheted an ear flap hat but stopped before getting to the ear flaps.  I need to revise the pattern and redo.  But I have a couple of Christmas presents in the works, a sweater for The Mister that is taking me forever to work on because it’s all cable, and a scarf/shawl that I am determined to finish before the cold weather goes away (so I have about 5 months or so to finish it.)

4. The Mister cleaned the kitchen.  I love when he cleans it.  He does a much better job than I do.

5. It’s sweater weather!  I love wearing as many layers as possible and even though my belly is growing, I’m still able to layer up with cardigans, scarves, and warm socks.  Love love love cold weather.


Hope your Friday is high-fiveable!

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5 Comments on “High Five for Friday

  1. I’m 23 weeks pregnant and loving sweater weather! I can just stretch them out and be really comfortable for work :) I don’t have a body pillow, but I have been waking up on my back a lot lately and I know it’s really bad! Not sure how to keep myself from doing it! I have pillows all around me when I fall asleep at night, hope I’m not hurting my little man!

    • Even though I have my U shaped body pillow, I still wake up on my back a couple times a night. As long as your legs aren’t numb, and you roll back to your side, I think you’re ok. (Of course check with your doctor though).

  2. Kim so happy you’re pregnant, how exciting. You look beautiful!!!!!

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