High Five for Friday

Wow.  It’s been a while since high-fived Friday. Not that I didn’t have anything to high-five, I just haven’t taken the time to document it.

So here goes!

1. My mom’s coming for a visit today! It’ll be a fast visit but slow at the same time.  We’re both getting over the crud.  There will be some shopping, some eating (of an apple pancake!), and some knitting.

2. I’m wearing a sweater today that I knit about 8 or 9 years ago.  I loved the pattern and the yarn (both by Debbie Bliss) but when I seamed it, the fronts were longer than the back.  So I never wore it.  Until now.  Now it covers my belly.


3. The fog is here.  I love fog.  It makes for a mysterious morning/evening. But it just delayed my mom’s plane so maybe I shouldn’t be so happy about the fog this week.

4. Good students.  I’ve been out 3 days this week with this crud/sinus infection.  And my students have been so good to the subs and on task all week.  I couldn’t ask for more when I’m feeling like garbage.

5. Vegetables are ok now.  I had this deep abiding love for veggie before I became pregnant.  Until the last week, veggies were disgusting to me.  But I packed a spinach salad for lunch and plan to roast carrots, cauliflower, and potatoes this weekend in the hopes that I will want to eat them again.

Bonus #6! The baby has started to move around in the last couple weeks.  Every punch and kick catches me off guard but I love it.  Yesterday was a very wiggly day since I was off my feet for most of it.

Happy Friday everyone!

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