Days These Days

Life with a newborn. Not much more to say, is there?  Eating, sleeping, diapers.  That is our life.

There’s really only one part of our day that’s been relatively consistent.  We wake up around 4 or 5 am to eat and fall back asleep around 6ish.  Then up again around 8 or 9, depending on how long after 6 we fall asleep.

After that, the day is at Miss M’s beck and call.

Sometimes she takes another nap after eating her mid-morning meal.  Sometimes she stays awake until lunch time or later (like yesterday).  Sometimes she feeds all day long, every hour.  Some days she takes cat naps throughout the day.  Some days she takes several big naps all day.  It just depends.  

Scheduling doctor appointments and visits are a crapshoot.  I just make sure she eats before I pack her in the car and hope she snoozes a bit during the drive to wherever we’re going.  Besides the doctor, we’ve been to the farm store, out to eat a couple of times, school to say hi, and we’ve walked down the driveway to get the mail.  Those are our big outings so far.  And everything is scheduled during her nap time, not eating time.

All I know is the swing works for naps.  The Ergo works when she’s extra clingy.  The pack n play only works for one nighttime sleep.  Momma works every time.



So crafty

We created this person, my husband and I.


It may have taken the assistance of seven other people but she grew inside me. For almost 40 weeks. Every kick and punch I felt from week 16 on I imagine looked something like this:


She looks so different in person than in pictures in my opinion. She’s tiny, just back up to her birth weight as of yesterday. She’s strong though. She lifts her head and stands in our laps as much as possible. She eats as much as possible. She hates getting her diaper changed. But she loves baths.

She’s absolutely perfect. From her strawberry blond eyebrows to her little skinny legs (don’t worry baby girl, we’re working on filling those out). She’s my little snuggle bug.



Two + One = Three

Miss M arrived on St. Patrick’s Day.




Please forgive the echo around here as we all try to figure out our new normal.

High Five for Friday!

Friday is here! Let’s get started.

1. Today is a good day already for two reasons.  One – it’s the day after my last day of work.  And two – it’s the first of three snow makeup days that we didn’t have to use this school year so that means The Mister is snoozing in this morning.

2. I made it to 39 weeks preggo working full-time!  Some people thought I was crazy for going so long but I really didn’t have any issues that would have kept me from working.  Other than being as slow as molasses climbing up the stairs to my 2nd floor classroom multiple times a day.

3. I finished a pair of tiny mitts for Peanut.  Can’t have any scratching going on.  I think I’ll wait till the baby gets here to show them to you.  :)

4. We had a few days of near 60 degree weather this past week.  It was glorious!  I cannot wait for spring to truly be here.  I love our sunny days! The sky is truly blue, the water is gorgeous to stare at, the grass is greener.  Really it’s just beautiful up here when it’s sunny.

5. Our fruit trees are budding and blooming out.  Which means fruit will be coming in and I’ll be able can some more this year.  Combined with The Mister’s garden (he so has the green thumb in the family – mine is black), we’ll have quite a bit to store up and give away.


What’s great about your Friday??

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Packing for the hospital

At almost 39 weeks, we are well aware that Peanut could arrive any day now.  The car seat base was just installed in my car last week.  The hospital bag’s been packed for a few weeks now but also just made it into the car last week.

Since this is my first go-round, I checked out numerous online lists and consulted friends about what to pack.  Here’s what I ended up packing:

1. Clothes for the baby to come home in – admittedly, I think I have a few outfits packed.  I imagine we’ll have a couple of days in the hospital so maybe my overpacking will be a plus.

2. Clothes for me to come home in – comfy, low-riding pj pants just in case a C-section is necessary, nursing tank and a cardigan/wrap.

3. Flip flops – for the shower and to go home in.

4. Toiletries – at some point, I hope a shower will happen before we come home.

5. Snacks – for that waiting period even though the hospital cafeteria will be at my disposal.

6. Receiving blankets – to wrap up Peanut before tucking into the car seat.

7. Lip balm – this suggestion came from other recently labored moms at the same hospital we’ll be at.  Apparently the hospital-provided lip balm is crap.

8. Extra iPhone charger – I would hate to see my phone die just when I want to snap a photo of our new babe.

Am I missing anything?

Photo Monday

Photo Monday

It’s almost spring. Which brings us closer to days like this. After many gray days with rain and then drizzle, I’m itching for a truly blue sky day. Part of that itch is because of the gray. It’s also because I’ve been cooped up in the house until today, getting over my second bout with the crud. Nothing like sickness to make a person long for spring/summer. It can’t get here soon enough.


As I type, I’m sitting in my classroom, listening to a whole hoard of elementary school children file in the auditorium (above which my classroom sits) and a little irritation rises up inside me.

Don’t they know we have classrooms up here?

Can’t their teachers keep them quieter?

Why are little kids SO loud?

And then it hits me.

My kid is probably going to be the loudest of all someday.

I’m only saying that because I wasn’t a terribly loud kid but The Mister and I can get into some loud conversations about nonsense that sounds like something dramatic but it’s not.  On occasion.  Nothing earth-shattering or vow-breaking, just… we’re loud sometimes when we’re talking to one another.

Plus there’s that whole “paybacks are a B&$#H!” karma/divine retribution thing.

I can only imagine what our kiddo will pick up from us.

Changing the subject just slightly, we are just about ready to meet this little one.  Like I mentioned before, the nursery is done.  My DIY project is done (both with much help from my lovelies.)  The car seat base is in the car, as is the hospital bag though I keep adding to it.  Lip balm anyone?  We heard first hand at our last birthing class that having your favorite lip balm handy is a top priority because the hospital-provided balm is crap.

What’s the first thing The Mister grabbed when I texted him last week and told him my midwife thought that my water broke?  My lip balm.  He’s so good. (P.S. Obviously my water had not broken or I’d have posted Peanut pictures already. False alarm! But The Mister was ready!)

As we creep closer to 38 weeks (seriously, this last month is taking forever to get through!), I’m sad, happy, excited, and nervous all at the same time.  The sadness is reserved for my students.  I’m sorry to be leaving them next week, three months shy of the end of the year, and six weeks before their AP exam.  They’ve been really wonderful and I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to teach AP this year.  I may not have this chance again.

At the same time, I’m really excited to meet this little bug that’s been growing inside me for the last 8 months (truly, finding out we were pregnant at roughly four weeks makes for a long pregnancy but so worth it.)  I’m also nervous because, well, I’m a first time mom.  And I don’t want to be super paranoid first time mom or lax either. I can’t believe the hospital sends brand new babies home with newbie parents!

And because of that whole karma thing, Peanut will probably be late, prolonging my elephant ankles and waddle even more.

Photo Monday


This is pretty typical of our dogs. One is usually rolling around in the grass. The other is chewing on something. I snapped this on my iPhone from my chair in the living room because they would have heard me getting up. Oh yes. Hauling a 37 1/2 week preggo body out of a recliner is loud.

High Five for Friday!

So happy it’s Friday! We’re one week closer to meeting our little guy or girl!

1. I managed to get the next three weeks of agendas and master copies printed and filed for my long term sub.  I have lessons planned for the remainder of the year – it’s making everything understandable and readable for my sub that’s taking a while. Most weeks, my thought out plans start out like this:


And end up like this by the end of the week:


I don’t want him intimidated by all the things that can change during a week. I’m intimidated enough by all the changes I make in a week! But thankfully he’s been teaching and subbing for a while and completely understands the flow of a classroom.  He’s not a newbie.

2. I can wear my hiking shoes to work now!  For the last week, I’ve been wearing my Ugg slippers because my feet and ankles have swollen up to Flintstone proportions.  Ug-ly.  (I’ll spare you a picture.) But this morning, for kicks, I thought I’d try to get my Merrell hiking shoes (in purple/black of course) on and sure enough! They fit.  And they have much better support than my slippers.  And I tied them in such a way weeks ago that I only have to slip them on and off. Anything to not have to bend over or become more out of breath.

3. It’s supposed to snow again this weekend.  I’m excited!  It snowed last weekend for my lovelies and now we’re supposed to have another dusting.  Can’t wait to see if it possibly spills over into Monday (snow day, anyone? Maybe a two-hour delay??)


I know it says 30-40% chance of snow but that’s enough to get my hopes up about a possible snow day.  :-D

4. I’ve made it to 37 weeks as of yesterday!


No signs of baby arriving earlier than our due date yet.  Though 37 weeks is considered ‘term’ by my clinic (but not by the 3000 emails I receive on a daily basis from pregnancy websites), I’d like our Peanut to stay snug and cozy for at least a couple more weeks.  Keep growing, Peanut! They’re quickly running out of room to move but I’m still receiving lots of kicks and punches. I swear the kid already knows how to do yoga too.

5. The Mister and I had an impromptu dinner out last night after my midwife weekly appointment.  We went to one of our favorite places and just enjoyed one of our last nights out as the two of us.  :)

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No, I haven’t had the baby yet

One thing I did not anticipate being pregnant and working up till my due date (almost) was how tired I would be.

Tired and needing more sleep. I’m sort of sleeping at night but getting up 1-2 times to pee again. I thought the tiredness would be over once I made it to the second semester.  I was so so wrong.  Don’t even tell me about what happens AFTER the baby arrives.  I know.  Even less sleep.

Tired of getting dressed every morning and looking somewhat presentable.  Putting socks on is the WORST!  I’m out of breath once I put everything on.  And once I get home from work, comfy pants go on.

Tired of bending down to pick things up when I drop something.  The belly is just there and I feel like I’m squishing the baby every time I have to bend down.  Why do I have to drop everything?  I’ve managed to chip three dinner plates in the last month and dribble my lunch down the front of me almost everyday.  Coordinated I am definitely not right now.

Tired of not fitting into my shoes. This is the worst of the worst.  I’m wearing my Ugg slippers to school now.  And my Crocs don’t even fit.  Boo.  Someone on the internets said of herself and her maternity clothes coming dangerously close to not fitting – “At least shoes always fit!” Not in my case.  And I’m not going to go out and buy new ones just because I have Flintstone feet and elephant ankles.

But that’s all for naught anyway because our due date is around the corner!  Three more weeks to go (maybe). I’m on leave in two weeks. I promised myself I’d have all the sub plans done this week so I’ll probably have to come in this weekend since I’ve managed to stay late after school a total of zero times this week.

The nursery is 98% done, thanks to my lovelies that flew in last weekend to do just that (and attend my second shower).  Just when I thought I had everything finished, they showed me how cute a nursery could be.   I just need to get a couple of shelf brackets, a diaper pail, a trash can, and a cute side table for the rocker.  Hoping to pick those things up this weekend.

I’ve managed to crochet another hat for the baby:


Love the ears.  They kill me.

And I’ve also cast on for a pair of orange woolie pants that will also double as a diaper cover.  I would like to make a couple more before baby arrives.  We’ll see.  Like I said, I’m tired and I usually only manage a couple of rows at night.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing our baby for the first time.  I can’t wait to see what they look like – if they have hair and what color is it? What color eyes? Are they tall? Have eyebrows? Make funny faces? Know that we’re their parents? Know that they are more loved than anything we’ve ever loved before?


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