This girl



She practiced standing up all weekend. And blessedly slept through the night with one 1am wakeup.

Growing is hard work.

Auntie Jenn’s visit was a blast. Little miss loved having someone else to practice standing with and giggle with all day long.

She loved the ferry ride. From inside the car.


And this morning she got to tell all her daycare friends about her weekend.

Meanwhile, I managed to finish The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. Can’t recommend this one enough. With all the late night/early morning feedings lately, I’ve been able to do more reading than I expected. I’m now on the third book of Deborah Harkness’s All Souls trilogy.

Nothing like following up lit fiction with genre fiction. It’s all about balance.

Collage of life


I think I posted about the Project Life app on Instagram a while back. I’d never even heard of the app until Emily Ley posted about the app on Instagram. Then I found out Becky Higgins has this whole shop devoted to amazing scrapbooking collections.

I’m really glad they came out with the app though. I have no space to physically scrapbook anymore so it would have killed me to not purchase any of her collections.



To say scrapbooking on my iPhone is easy is an understatement. I love how these have turned out. I love them so much I applied to be on the Project Life Creative Team for next year. Crossing all fingers and toes!


And I just realized I sent in a sample with my application with a typo on it! There goes my chance. Grrrrr.

The sickness

Beginning with the first day of school, we’ve been battling sickness.

Little miss seems to just get over something to start up with something else.

I’ve been blowing my nose for over a month now.

She’s back in the swing at night to sleep. Poor babe is congested. Again.

It just keeps cycling through our classrooms and daycare.


But you wouldn’t know it from this picture. Love.



This pretty much sums up their relationship.

In other news, my friend Jenn is flying over/up for a visit this Friday! I’m very excited and we will knit all the things while she’s here. Well, maybe she will. I have a baby to wrangle. I know that crab will be eaten and sightseeing will happen. Can’t wait! It’s been too long between visits. And don’t ask me how long exactly because I can’t remember. I know Jenn visited our house in California so it’s been as long as four years since we last laid on eyes on each other. Too long I say.




It’s no wonder I’m tired.

Above are two days of FitBit tracking on days that I’m not teaching.


Little miss keeps me very busy. I easily track 10k fewer steps on my teaching days.

I generally accumulate over 100k steps in a week.

Good excuse to buy new shoes… Clearly I’m wearing them all out!

Not ready


Have I mentioned little miss started crawling at 5.5 months?

This is not a bragging point.

This is dismay.

I’d really hoped for a few more months of rolling.

Because now life really and truly is over.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

Since learning to crawl, little miss is everywhere and fast. We block her inside of the living room. Otherwise she’s in the bathroom, bedrooms, and/or kitchen faster than I blink.

She’s now pulling herself up too. And bonking her head when she loses her balance. Which is more often than she’d like.

And because of all these new fun things she’s learning, her sleep is garbage. Which means my sleep is garbage.

Is it too early to enroll her in soccer?

Lovely sky


I’m continuously reminded how blessed I am to live in such a gorgeous part of the country. We’re expecting a big storm this weekend so these fantastic clouds rolled in early. Can’t wait for fall to kick off finally!

In other news, little miss is going to be seven months old in a week! I almost can’t believe it. Where has the time gone? She’s crawling like a speed demon these days. The girl barely sits still unless she’s super tired. I foresee many activities and sports in her future.

She’s attempting a few foods but sometimes can’t be bothered. So far applesauce is tolerated and rice cereal is ok. Avocado is a no-go at this point but she mowed through a quarter of a small frozen peach this morning. I’m hoping to try pumpkin in a few days. Any other suggestions for a brand new eater?



So this little cutie started crawling a month ago.

Before she sat on her own.

Before she started solid foods.

Before momma was ready.

Now she’s a crawling AND sitting pro. Though she doesn’t sit for long.

We started trying applesauce and oatmeal with minimal success.

She likes rice cereal though.

The jury is still out on banana though.


I love cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting are my favorite.

Until this little cupcake came along….


She may not love being a cupcake. But I do. ‚̧ԳŹ

New Normal

I kind of like routines. ¬†They’re comforting. Having a baby means I can try to have a routine but I can’t get too attached to it. ¬†Flexible routines, that’s what we’re all about these days.

I work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I’m blessed to be teaching at our alternative school which means, ta-da! Alternative schedules are possible for students AND teachers.

Working three full days a week instead of five half-days (I’m a 60% part-time employee) means we only pay part-time day care costs instead of full-time. (Anything over 4 hours a day is full-time.)

Here’s our routine at the moment. ¬†We’ve only been at it for four¬†weeks now:

Fridays: Do all the laundry day. Any cloth diapers that need to be washed, today’s the day. ¬†Along with little miss’ clothes. ¬†Pack up her purple backpack for day care. ¬†Fill with clean clothes, toys, diapers, almond oil, a binky (that she never actually sucks on, just plays with), and socks. Vacuum the living room. Do a round of dishes, including all the hand washing of pump parts and bottles. Take a shower at some during the day, preferably when little miss is sleeping. Put on clean clothes.

Saturdays: See all the laundry that wasn’t completed yesterday, sigh, and dig back in. Keep stuffing cloth diaper pockets with inserts, tracking down wayward socks, and an endless amount of onesies. Think about food for the upcoming week. ¬†Think about making dinner in the crockpot but realize it’s 3pm already. Maybe crockpot tomorrow. Go outside for five minutes to remember what the sun feels like on my skin.

Sundays: Go to breakfast as a family at our favorite place. ¬†Let the waitresses ooh and aah over little miss. ¬†We all love it. ¬†Grimace when a customer asks how old “he” is even though little miss is wearing pink and a BOW on her head. Continue folding the endless amounts of laundry and throw in a load of my own clothes for punishment.

Mondays: Realize her daycare bag needs to be repacked before tomorrow morning.  Emptying it out garners dirty diapers that need to be washed -awesome- and more clothes. Fantastic. Throw another load in. Vacuum the living room and bedrooms. Suck up the dog hair on the tiled floors too. Clean the bathroom until little miss wakes up from her nap.

Monday nights: Realize last load is still sitting in the washing machine and promise self to put in the dryer before bed. Take shower. Go to bed. Wake up at midnight feeding and remember to put load in dryer.  Lay in bed listening to dryer until the next feeding a few hours later. Remember that only the toilet and part of the sink were cleaned earlier.

Tuesdays: Jump out of bed after falling asleep briefly after early morning feeding. ¬†Steal the bathroom before husband is fully awake. ¬†Get ready before baby wakes up again which means tip-toeing into the kitchen to make a much needed cup of coffee. Hear baby stir and freeze half-dressed with hair undone. Quickly pray baby stays asleep until completely ready to go. Put all 5,000 bags near the door to carry to car when baby wakes. Baby wakes. ¬†Feed. Change diaper. Forgo changing her into actual clothes because it’s go-time and daycare doesn’t mind her jammies. ¬†Tuck baby in carseat. Throw bags in car and leave.

Wednesdays: Repeat Tuesday.

Thursday: Repeat Wednesday.

Repeat repeat repeat.


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